Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type Phone

Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type A ThrowBack, A Division of Smart and feature phones

Smartphones and feature phones has often been murky. In the past, it used to be about how well the device ran user-installed apps and games, these days it’s mostly touch screen vs. keypad

Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type

The Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type & C3-01 both came out in late 2010.

What made them special was that their 2.4” screens with 240 x 320px resolution had a resistive touch layer and, of course, the familiar Series 40 interface was tweaked to support touch input.

The smart keys were replaced by on-screen buttons & The home screen even had customizable widgets!

The Touch and Type duo was fairly capable for its day. They had 3G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi on board, so you could browse the web any time anywhere. Plus, Opera Mini supported touchscreens and made the experience as good as possible.

It was quite powerful. Originally, the phones came out with 680MHz single-core processors, 64MB of RAM and 128GB storage.

You may laugh at these numbers now, But the iPhone 3G from 2008 had a 412MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. It wouldn’t be until 2010’s iPhone 4 that Apple hit 1GHz.

HMD is bringing back some classic Nokia feature phones and powering some of them with KaiOS.

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