disney reopens in shanghai

Disney Reopen In Shanghai ; iPhone 12 Rumors & Claims

Greg Nibler discusses the top-trending stories in tech, including Disney Reopen In Shanghai and Comic-Con coronavirus updates, iPhone 12 rumors, the end of “Reply All” nightmares, a review of the Nordic Track RW Rower, and more.

Jason Martin

Jason Martin, principal engineer in the Security Solutions Lab and manager of the Secure Intelligence Team at Intel Labs, about working to build A.I. that can create a better brain tumor detection algorithm.

Disney Reopen In Shanghai ; iPhone 12 Rumors & Claims

Disney Reopen In Shanghai ; iPhone 12 Rumors & Claims

Shanghai Disneyland would reopen, perhaps paving the way for similar actions at Disney resorts in the United States, Japan and France.

The limited number of tickets that Shanghai Disneyland put on sale for this week sold out within hours, suggesting that people are willing to resume public activities, even without a vaccine.

Time will test the ability of Disney’s theme parks to program out negative aspects of life and emphasize the positive

We then take a closer look at the iPad Pro plus Magic Keyboard from Apple, and whether or not they can really replace a MacBook Air.

We then go to DT’s Drew Prindle, who catches us up on the best crowdfunding tech products out there with the Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet segment.

This week’s finds include the Lunark Moon Base module, the TelScope Oral Health System, and the Creality CR-6 3D consumer printer.


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