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Benefits Of Huawei VoWiFi HD Video & Voice Service on Jio & Airtel 2020

What is Huawei VoWiFi India ?

The Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) service, also called Wi-Fi Calling, Huawei VoWiFi enables users to use smartphones that support VoWiFi to dial numbers to initiate voice or video calls when Wi-Fi connection is available.Huawei VoWiFi solution complies with 3GPP specifications.

It based on the EPC (ePDG), SingleSDB (3GPP AAA), and IMS as the core control architecture.
When common user access network under Wi-Fi hotspots, they can enjoy HD voice & video service and seamless handover between VoLTE and VoWiFi.

Huawei VoWiFi HD video and voice calling feature

Huawei has launched the Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) feature for indian users. Subscribers will be able to access the network within the Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy HD video calling. Huawei’s VoWiFi solution will allow any user to access the IMS network.

It uses HD voice and video services using Wi-Fi hotspot. Huawei’s feature covers all cellular telecommunications technology including radio access, core network. Will Airtel & Jio will offer VoWifi?

Huawei Assist Hutchison to Exploit New Services

On June 20, 2015, Hutchison, Hong Kong pronounced business utilization of VoWiFi, which underpins consistent wandering and bound together accusing of existing VoLTE systems.

This extraordinarily improves client involvement with poor indoor inclusion and turns into a worldwide assembly organization model of VoLTE and Huawei VoWiFi.

VoWiFi is empowered for all VoLTE supporters as a matter of course, and all VoWiFi call charges are remembered for the month to month bundle. Endorsers can buy a $10 bundle for extra 1000-minute calls. Supporters can start calls to national fixed-line numbers and worldwide numbers when Wi-Fi is accessible.

It took Hutchison three months to perform tests and finally release for commercial use. After 5 years VoWifi came to India.

Source- Huawei

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