Apple iPhone 12 is Coming this Spetember; Rumor claims

We live in a time of uncertainty, but one thing we can count on is that Apple will launch a new slate of iPhones in late September; apple Iphone 12 rumors claims.

It’s no surprise then that rumors about the iPhone 12 have been circulating from few months now.

iPhone 12 is Coming this Spetember Rumor claims

Early rumors pointed at Apple giving the iPhone 12 series a new frame, with a less rounded edge.

It makes sense — the new iPad Pro has a similar look, and with the iPhone 12, Apple will likely make its lineup a little more unified in that regard.

The front and the back of the phones will be glass.

The standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will likely still offer a dual-sensor camera.

Another major upgrade for the iPhone 12 will be 5G connectivity. 

Price and availability

Pricing for the iPhone 12 has leaked, and there may be a small price cut for some models.

iPhone 12 will cost $650, which is $50 cheaper than the entry-level iPhone 11.

Next is the iPhone 12 Max, which will start at $750. Like last year’s flagships, the iPhone 12 Pro will cost $1,000, while the iPhone 12 Max will start at $1,100.


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