NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPU Picture Leaks

Thanks to the sources of VideoCardz, we now have the first picture of the next-generation NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPU graphics card.

Designed for computing oriented applications, the Tesla A100 is socketed GPU designed for NVDIA’s proprietary SXM socket.

In a post few days ago, we were assuming that it might fit Tesla A100 GPU in the socket of the previous Volta V100 GPUs as it is a similar SXM socket.

NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPU, this DGX A100 system appears to be based on a similar platform design as previous DGX system.

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Where the GPU is a socketed SXM2 design. This looks upgrade path for owners of previous DGX system just swap out the GPUs and enjoy higher performance.

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The mounting holes have been re-arranged and this one requires a new socket/motherboard.

The Tesla A100 GPU is based on GA100 GPU die, which we don’t know specifications of.

We can only see that there is one very big dye attached to six HBM modules, most likely HBM2E .

Besides that everything else is unknown.

More details are expected to be announced today at GTC 2020 digital keynote.


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