Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India; Features Explained

Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India; Features Explained

Many healthcare agencies across the globe are working to find a cure, control, and prevent COVID-19 infections.

As we live in the age of the internet, there are a lot of apps that help educate people about the deadly coronavirus. Let See Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India

Some of these applications do give real-time updates on the number of patients infected and updates from the agencies.

There are a lot of apps developed just in India by various central, state governments, and private firm

Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India

1. Aarogya Setu

Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India

Aarogya Setu is developed by the Government of India and it is a real-time patient tracking tool.

This app will let users take a self-assessment test to find out if they are infected by the coronavirus.

2. Corontine

Top 5 COVID-19 Apps

CORONTINE is an app developed by IIT Bombay that helps authorities to track people with symptoms to prevent coronavirus spreading.

It also uses Geofencing technology, which will help authorities to monitor if someone who is under home quarantine has gone outside.

3. CoBuddy

Top COVID-19

The CoBuddy -Tool will help to deliver authentic news from various agencies fighting COVID-19.

This app will give information on how one can self-quarantine at their home and will also let people communicate directly with the authority.

4. Covid-19 Feed Back

 COVID-19 Apps

COVID19 Feedback from the central government is made to take feedback from people who have undergone the coronavirus test.

5. Driver Seva

 Apps In India

Driver Seva is an app design to help vehicle drivers across the country. It offers the list of locations that provides water, food, and fuel, and parking stations.

This was Our Top 5 COVID-19 Apps In India; which are unique and all this apps will help people if they need any info about Covd-19.

AarogyaSetu App If not installed, ready for 6 Months Jail Prison Or Rs. 1,000 Fine


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