PUBG Mobile ARtic Mode

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Tips And Tricks To Win Chicken Dinner

The PUBG Mobile Arctic mode is all about survival. You have to do a lot of other things rather than just rushing towards enemies. You can hunt down a chicken and cook it in the fire while camping with your comrades. Moreover, the survival mode also introduced Drones in the game

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Tips And Tricks

  1. Collect Branches, But Don’t Hoard It Up :- To survive the deadly blizzard that hits you every few minutes, you have to light a fire. So, it’s better to collect some branches.
  2. Consumables Are Your First Love :- Two consumables keep you warm in the Arctic mode. First, there are heat packs, and I can’t stress enough how vital warm packs are for winning the game.
  3. When There’s Snow, Use Snowboard :- The option to ski in the snow was available in Vikendi even before the Arctic mode. Basically, you get a “ski” option on the right side of your screen as soon as you set your foot in the snow.
  4. Just Kill The Chicken, They’ll Keep You Warm :- Kill those chickens scattered throughout the map. Then, you can cook a dead chicken in the bonfire and consume it to gain immunity against the cold.
  5. Lighting A Bonfire Reveals Enemy Squad’s Location:-When you start a bonfire during a blizzard, you know that enemy squads are doing the same. Interestingly, on the map, you could see the exact location of all the bonfires to spot your enemies. 
  6. Step Up Your Drone Game :- they pinpoint the exact location of your enemies, giving your squad a more advantage. That being said, you can do a lot more other than spotting enemies using drone.

You can Do lots of thing PUBG Mobile Arctic mode. No matter how good you are in a classic battle royale PUBG match,

if you don’t utilize all the resources and apply tips and tricks, you won’t win the game in Arctic Mode.

But even if you follow at least 80% of what I’ve mentioned in this blog, Cold Front Survival mode will become more interesting. 

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