Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game Users Facing New Zero XP Bug

Are you Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warefare ?

Completing all challenges, collecting points but still not able to level up the battle pass? Don’t worry its just a Software Minor Bugs.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game

A New bug has been found in game, which is preventing gamers from securing XP. The new Bug is affecting both Battle Royale and Warzone Mode. Game Developers are calling it “ZERO-XP” bug which has reportedly been prohibiting players from collecting XP to get high rank and claim rewards.

“I just played 3 rounds without earning any XP for my character or my battle pass. Are you serious about this? I pay for the BattlePass and you give me nothing and a buggy game in return??” complained a user on Reddit.

“Whatever got messed up on the back end of this update needs to be fixed. By the time I wait 10 minutes for a lobby to connect, I can’t get any XP, and if I’m about to, I CTD before the XP is even awarded. This is absolutely horrendous and they need to figure this out. When do we as players start to get reimbursements for our time and frustration?” another user posted on Reddit.

Reddit, Twitter and the Activision Blog are filled with disappointed users’ comments and posts.


Activision didn’t make any official statements related to the zero XP bug. Instead, the company replied on a Twitter post saying “we are investigating the issue.” It seems that the Call of Duty community is facing a hard time with the ongoing lockdown scenario across the globe, longer load time and the zero XP bug in the gameplay is adding fuel to the frustration.

However, we can’t blame the game developers entirely. It has been challenging for them as well to operate properly from home. The development of the game is taking a little longer time than usual considering the working scenarios, if possible we can expect a fix in this week’s update.

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