Call Of Duty Mobile Unveil It's Season 6 Coming Soon

Call Of Duty Mobile Unveil It’s Season 6 Coming Soon

Call of Duty Mobile recently started its Season 6, Once Upon A Time In Rust. Now, Activision has revealed the entire roadmap of this season, which means we know everything that is coming in Call of Duty Mobile in May.

The roadmap gives an overview to fans of what’s new in Season 6. Moreover, the studio promises to release these roadmaps before the launch of new seasons in the future.

So, players will have an idea of what content is coming before the launch of any season.

Call Of Duty Mobile Unveil It's Season 6 Coming Soon

Now, most things mentioned in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 roadmap are already out.

For instance, players can enjoy the brand new Multiplayer map, which is ‘Rust.” New game modes like ‘Capture The Flag’ and ‘Kill Confirmed‘ is already out.

Finally, here is the list of all the events running or coming soon is Call of Duty Mobile…

  • 4/29 – 5/14 ~ 2v2 Showdown Mode (MP)
  • 5/8 – 5/21 ~ Gold Rush Events begin: Available in Kill Confirmed and Battle Royale
  • 5/8 – 5/10 ~ Winner Bonus
  • Ranked Mode bonus available every weekend in May
  • 5/13 – 5/19 ~ Free For All mode (MP)
  • 5/14 ~ New Seasonal Challenges: The new SMG, the Cordite, arrives with paid and free options
  • Every Thursday ~ CODM World Championship Qualifier weekend begins

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