How To Make Money Online From Google - YouTube
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How To Make Money Online From Google – YouTube in 2020

Web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are what help us get connected with the World Wide Web, Lets Learn how to Earn Money Google YouTube as we know; Internet has been playing a vital role in our lives.


Who doesn’t know about Google’s video-sharing platform?

YouTube is the oldest such website that the users use for entertainment.Not only, this platform provides fame, but it also helps you earn some money. 

How To Earn Money Online From Google - Youtube With tips

And if you are already not aware of the steps to do so, the very first thing you need here is your own YouTube channel. But creating channel simply doesn’t let the money flow to your account.

You need to make sure you upload good quality videos so that more and more audience drives towards your content.

A large subscriber base has been one of the major factors for the popularity of a YouTube channel.

SEO is also main factor here, when a channel is growing well, you can set up Google AdSense to start earning via Google.

Tips:- High Quality Content, Unique name and High End Keywords for SEO, Proper Description, Attractive and Good looking thumbnail.

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Google Blogger

Also known as Blogspot, it is the blog service by Google which also has the provision of income via various monetization methods by the company. You can search directly for Google Blogger or click on this link to get started.

How To Earn Money Online From Google - Youtube With tips

Similar to YouTube, you will need to create your blog page.

 Also, adding content consistently which can grab a wide reader-base is what will do the trick. There is no limitation on the beat you opt to write for. Be it technology, fashion, or even politics.

Once your Blogspot has good viewership, you can simply register for AdSense.

This will allow the ads from Google to run ads on your page.

Tips:- Try to Write on Trending Articles, Unique Name and High Rich Content.

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the key to earn a good amount of money from Google.

How To Earn Money Online From Google - Youtube With tips

Program that is run by Google on a website that runs ads targeting the content and the audience.

Getting ads on a website is not as easy as it sounds as there are a number of factors determining the same.

The popular a website is the more traffic it gets in terms of users.

Website starts getting good High Traffic and Google Ads, it will turn up as a revenue generator for you.


Wait till you get a decent amount of traffic and Upload Proper hig Rich Content to Drive traffic on Blog or Website.

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