Do Surface Earbuds work with Android phones and tablets?

You can use Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds with Android hardware running version 4.4 or later, allowing you to quickly switch between a Windows PC and Google-powered portable device. Do Surface Earbuds work on Android? Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds not only work with the new Surface hardware, as well as other Windows-powered devices but also Android smartphones and […]


Do Microsoft Surface Earbuds work with iPhones and iPads

Best answer: Yes, Microsoft Surface Earbuds will support iPhone and iPad devices. However, some features are accessible exclusively to Android and Windows 10 devices, attributed to the closed nature of iOS. Preorder today: Microsoft Surface Earbuds ($199 at Microsoft) Best iOS alternative: Apple AirPods with Charging Case ($144 at Amazon) Do iPhones and iPads support […]

Apple Buys Virtual Reality NextVR

Apple Buys Virtual Reality Company NextVR for $100 million

Apple has purchased virtual reality company NextVR, Apple confirmed to CNBC. The purchase is further evidence of Apple’s plans to enter virtual reality and related augmented reality technologies as a new product category, although the company has not announced firm plans or a new hardware product, aside from AR software for iPhones. An Apple spokesperson […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leaks By CEO Ross Young

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leaks Drop by Ross Young

A lot about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series of late. Most of the latest rumors have come from CEO of Display Chain Consultants, Ross Young who’s been busy tweeting insider information about the upcoming flagship series. An exclusive interview with YouTube channel Greggles TV, Young has outed more details about Both Phones. He talks about everything […]

Truth of Kawasaki Condition Linked To Coronavirus In Children

Truth of Kawasaki Condition Linked To Coronavirus In Children, 7 Key Symptoms Detected

A mysterious new coronavirus-related illness has hit the globe in recent weeks, After Kawasaki Condition Link To Coronavirus Seen In Childrens. The illness is an ‘inflammatory syndrome’, similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. Governor of New York has revealed that the illness has affected children in at least 15 states across the US, as well as in […]